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Insta Growth Machine helps you organically grow Instagram followers and engagement through cutting edge social media marketing techniques. We drive real targeted followers to your Instagram profile. Real growth, real people who are interested in your content or industry. Most of our clients increase 100-500 new followers per week and at the same time their photo likes and other engagements significantly go up. Our experts will put you on the fast track, so you can spend your time in creating Awesome Content!

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audience targeting

Audience Targeting

We use hashtags, location and competitor analysis to engage with users targeted towards your niche audience.

Premium Support

We are real people, just like the followers we’ll find you. So feel free to send us a message, and talk to your account manager while you are enjoying our service!

We automate your activity

We can automate tasks such us liking, liking back, commenting, following and unfollowing

Artificial Intelligence

We use AI to optimize your activities
to target the best accounts
to give you the best results, the most followers

Compliant with Instagram TOS

We believe the best service is 100% in line with Instagram’s Terms of Service. Like Ours.